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Danielle Wise, PhD

Dr. Danielle Wise has over 30 years psychotherapy and coaching experience with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Incorporating myriad techniques including communication, neuroscience, somatics, integration, and coaching models, her treatment approach always starts in the same place: Your Story.

The need to be understood and to understand others is central to creating a feeling of ease in our bodies, for clarity of communication with others. We all rely on dynamic personal stories to inform the way we perceive the world, others, and ourselves.

Dr. Wise knows how stories and habits from our lineage impact our goals and dreams. When we create this relationship with our stories we honor our wish for change.

Naming habits so we can reorganize our perception is the foundation for this process.

Then, we reset our language to focus on strong intentions for success. The felt sense, or physical response, of language is Somatic or Embodied Communication, which is central to everything she does in life

Real You. Real Success.

Danielle Wise, PhD—a highly trained and experienced personal advocate to support you to break through limitations, reorganize habits, and reveal your best self.

Embodied Psychedelic Integration

Individually designed, we integrate past psychedelic experiences with personal history and intentions to create a life journey of respect, reverence, and reciprocity. Our life experience is filled with dull days, blissed out moments, and painful tragedies. Ketamine, the numinous, and other non-ordinary moments are brief magnifiers on a lifetime. Integration works that magnifying glass with other supportive tools like storytelling, dreams, images, intention, and translates the mysterious into your very own handbook for life.

A few of the organizations utilizing Dr. Wise's
workshops, teaching, and support: 

MindLeap Health, Mydecine Innovations Group, PRATI, Unlimited Sciences, The Nowak Society,  Pacifica Graduate Institute, Texas Roadhouse, Arapahoe Community College, University of Denver, Plato’s Closet, Evergreen High School, Evergreen Middle School Faculty, Cherry Creek High School Diversity Conference, KOSI Women in Business Breakfast, KOSI Morning Show, Regis High School, Colorado PTA, Englewood High School, Cibola High School, Zia Family Services, Venice High School, Jim Utterback Real Estate So. California.


What makes Dani’s work different?
Here’s what her clients say.

Encouraging, Enthusiastic

Using Language with Intention and Clarity


Calls me on my bullshit

Wholeness Making









Committed to my Autonomy







High standards

Moral Integrity


Her commitment to healing through the undesirable truths that are part of the human experience.

Helping people see the obstacles in their life that are preventing wholeness and happiness, finding the path to overcome the obstacles.